Friday, September 26, 2008


What a fucking crybaby.

You know, i used to stick up for Letterman. There was a time i honestly preferred him over Leno. I'm not a huge Leno fan, but right now at least i can say Leno is the only one being not only a grown-up but a professional as well.

Ok so McCain bailed on an appearance. fucking deal with it. you mean to tell me you NEVER in all your years had another celebrity bail on you? You can't even PRETEND like you've been doing this whole television gig more than 5 minutes? Have some fucking self-respect, right now you look like a little bitch. Shit, Paris Hilton could teach you lessons on accepting bad things with some dignity right now.

No more Letterman for me. I'm done. The #1 reason why Mayor Jimmy has quit Letterman.... *drum roll* He's a total crybaby whiny little pansy-ass bitch.

Good night everyone you've been a great audience.

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