Friday, September 26, 2008

Are they serious?

I got this weekly newsletter from one of my companies i work for. There's a section in there about leadership. I found one part of this particularly interesting.

So all these years my "courage to make waves" and "courage to tell the boss they are wrong" was leadership!!! I think i need to send this newsletter to well.... EVERY boss I've ever had so that they can see how wrong they were in making my life a living hell simply because they couldn't see the leadership I possess.

One thing thing is painfully clear from reading the article on leadership. This guy has clearly never been in the military. Making waves and telling the boss they are wrong will get your career NOWHERE. trust me, i know from personal experience.

UPDATE: just to expand on my thoughts on this. here's why the idea of making waves is leadership thing is absolutely retarded. people who will defend this idea will say "you can make waves but in a tactful and professional manner". i call bullshit. no you can't. tactful and making waves do not go together. the very act of making waves negates the tactful part. if you are "tactful" then you move from "making waves" to "politely offering suggestions" and where's the leadership in THAT? the only way you make waves without ruffling feathers is when you do something by accident and it ends up making waves. that sure as bloody hell isn't leadership. maybe we need to have this guy who wrote it spell out for us what HIS definition of "leadership" is. maybe in his fantasyland leaders offer suggestions and tell the boss they're wrong without being crucified but here in reality it's a different story.

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