Sunday, July 20, 2008

ESPY awards and more sports

I was entertained. Justin Timberlake was a good host. Loved the musical number. Let me just say a few things.

- fuck the New York Giants. fuck em all right in the ass. fuck all you phony assholes who are NOW going around saying "i knew they'd win". you fucking liars. even the GIANTS barely thought they'd win that game so don't give me that shit. thanks to Tom and the pats screwing the pooch at the WORST POSSIBLE TIME we now have everyone fighting for a chance to suck the Giants off. fuck all that shit.

- The LPGA should be ashamed of themselves. I understand she forgot to sign her scorecard. fine, i get that. but you know what? they should have told her right away. for them to let her play the next day while they milk another day of publicity was just pathetic. that's a messed up thing to do. to anyone.

- Best line of the show. Ray Allen's acceptance speech for Best Team "wow, another win in L.A." that's great. up yours Lakers ya losers.

- How could you not give Best Game to the Suns-Spurs Game 1 playoff game? That was just a good game. No, let's just take another chance to blow Eli. Pussies.

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