Saturday, July 19, 2008

Back in the game

i find there's enough going on that i think it's high time i start throwing my 2 cents back in.


- NASCAR continues a downward spiral to oblivion. Kyle Busch is never going to be popular, no matter HOW many races he wins. Period. So take note NASCAR, your policy of "shove winners down the fan's throats like hot dogs in a competition no matter how much they don't care" is going to kill you. We didn't like having the douchebag jimmie johnson shoved in our faces and you are really really really pushing it with kyle busch. you aren't even being discreet about it. We know the fans hate Busch and that you want to mask that as desperately as you can. Know how i know that? You show like 5 seconds of footage of the stands when he wins. Stands not filled with people screaming their heads off. What am i talking about? Go look at the footage you have of Jr, Gordon (jeff), or Stewart winning a race. With the economy going the way it is you're already hurting for real NASCAR fans to show up. You're already waving your dick at the TV watching fans with the eleventy-ka-dillion commercials you show. Oh and by the way, trying to get Obama sponsorship? Why not just put a sign on the pace car that says "we promise we aren't racist" it'll be cheaper and save you some dignity.

- July sucks for sports. No NBA, No NFL, just Baseball. *gag*

- That chick playing basketball in the Olympics for Russia? My brother and i had a long discussion about her. No, i don't think she's a "traitor". If she didn't have such a strong case for saying she wasn't included because of back-room politics (how do you not ask a top 5 WNBA player to even try out?) I'd be inclined to tell her "you know what honey, lots of people who wanted to go to China didn't make it. Suck it the fuck up and try again in 4 years." but her not getting picked was a pretty shady deal. STILL.... she seems to want to not be hated and thought of in a negative light. Not going to happen. Just be glad you're in America. Other countries take the whole "representing your country" thing a SHITLOAD more seriously than we do.

- This whole Favre story needs to die. nobody seems to wanna see things from the Packers point of view. so let me help you out. they have to think of the team beyond the great Brett Favre. they have to consider certain possibilities and what they would do to the team. My sports-authority friend Robbie says that Favre is still a top 10 QB. Which begs the question "why the fuck would you give the enemy help by trading a GOOD player?" if you can negotiate a deal that makes your team better then by all means trade away, but if people are just asking you to release Favre just because he wants to play well fuck all that shit. you don't give the other teams ammo, that's just stupid. i mean, suppose they did get rid of Favre and he goes on the next season to win the superbowl? how stupid does Green Bay look THEN? the owner would have to move to Canada to escape death by fans. luckily it isn't far. so let's cut this "he's still got the itch to play we should do whatever he wants" shit.


- I love reading these articles talking about how members of congress are ragging on Bush. It makes me laugh because these bozos have an 18% approval rating. 18 fucking percent. not even 1/5 of the country thinks they're doing their job and they have the BALLS to criticize Bush? Of course, then i remember the American public has become a bunch of brain-dead nimrods who will ignore anything you do as long as you blame Bush for it. So i guess if i could suck at my job and people wouldn't even care, i'd be doing the same thing. Guess the joke is on us huh?

- Hey America, you DO realize that the Government is made of up more than just the President and Vice President right? contrary to what some of you geniuses believe, Bush and Cheney aren't running the whole show single-handedly. There is a Congress and Senate and Supreme Court also equally responsible for the mess we're in. Just thought I'd throw that out there in case some people decide to turn their brain on for a second.

- I really do hope Obama wins. first, because i wanna see what everyone does when life doesn't get better and there's no republicans or white men to blame. second, i wanna see if the general level of bitching from blacks about equality goes down some. doubt it. you think Spike Lee and Jessie Jackson are eager to get out of that nice little rut they're in? If he doesn't win, i honestly think we'll be seeing the end of the Democrat party as we know it. I think the moderate Dems will have been pushed over the edge and won't tolerate the lunatic fringe anymore. Right now i think they tolerate the crowd because they want to win so bad they can taste it. but if it doesn't pay off, they're going to be pissed. So now that i think about it, maybe i don't want to see Obama win. Maybe it'll be more fun to watch the Democratic party eat itself alive.


- nothing new here. Been playing nothing but World of Warcraft. I have a 70 Pally, a 70 Hunter and to avoid burnout i'm now leveling a Rogue.


- The Dark Knight lives up to the hype and then some. Cinema godhood hath Heath Ledger attained.

- I'm in for some bittersweet TV viewing. Battlestar Galactica and The Shield.... when they come back on it's only to end the series.

- I can tell my sister is getting tired of me walking in while she's watching these dating reality shows (bachelor/bachelorette) and saying "so when are they going to ask one of these guys/girls if they can taste the dozen other men/women on the person they just made out with?"

Personal Life

- none. I go to work, i come home, i game, i surf the web. I don't have a life. meh. I'm cool with that. i see no need to spend the time/money/effort to go out.

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