Friday, January 05, 2007


Some news on the Robotech front via Cinematical

Let me just say i LOVE Robotech. i'm a cartoon product of the 80s. which means i grew up on G.I. Joe, transformers, and all that. Robotech spawned so many shoot-offs that it's hard to keep track sometimes. hence it always seemed to cause some confusion especially to younger viewers. Robotech itself was an americanized version of the Japanese show Macross. then we had the second and third generations. also americanized from Japanese versions. there was even a movie that takes place between first and second generation. it was based on a series that focused on rick hunter and the first gen crew leaving earth. i can't remember why it got scrapped but it's a shame it did. i read the books on it and it's a really great story.

There were other anime series based in the "Macross" universe.

- Macross zero

- Macross II

- Macross Plus

- Macross 7

I saw Macross II a long time ago and it was ok. thanks to the magic of youtube i recently saw Macross zero and it was pretty good. never seen Macross 7.

Now as far Macross Plus goes..... it's my all time favorite anime series. it isn't really a "series" it's a mini-series. the animation is top notch, the music is the best on ANY animated show/movie, and the story is top-notch.

Here's the thing about Robotech..... I'm hoping that this summer's movie Transformers knocks it out of the park. i hope the special effects are mind-blowing and look super-awesome. because if they do, it paves the way for live-action versions of anime series with Robotech being at the top of the list. think about how freaking cool it'll be to have a live-action Robotech movie. personally, I'd rather see Macross Plus but only because i think the story is better and it translates to a movie more readily than Robotech does.

Here's to hoping.....

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