Wednesday, January 03, 2007


there's a really really good article that sports guy just wrote about mark mcguire and the hall of fame. you need to read it. even if you don't know or care about baseball.


there's a lot to take away form the article. for one, it just cements how big of a joke baseball is. it's a sport that dying, and not nearly fast enough if you ask me. here's a few things i have to say on the matter.

- i've always defended NASCAR as a sport and the drivers as athletes. if we can pretend GOLF is a sport, then we better damn well include NASCAR. "but it's just rednecks driving in circles" the ignorant morons say. oh yeah? then i guess golf is just badly-dressed guys out for a walk. i guess boxing is just two guys punching each other. and baseball is just a bunch of guys standing around. "it's just driving a car, anyone can do that." yeah and anyone can walk or run, so by that logic kiss track and field goodbye as "sports". people also say NASCAR is boring. what and you actually expect us to believe baseball ISN'T?!?!? you got maybe 15 seconds of action for every 4 or 5 minutes of watching people stand around. how the FUCK is that exciting?

- baseball has always taken itself way way way too seriously. "america's past time" we call it. key word PAST. we've moved on. the days of kids playing ball in the streets are long gone. they're all shooting hoops now. deal with it. baseball has always been a self-important pompous past time.

- baseball has the most selective memory of any sport. it makes me want to vomit any time one of these sports writers talks about "the good old days" of baseball. good old days? you mean back when the colored boys weren't allowed to play with the white folk? while i don't HATE babe ruth like my brother does, i do think it's nothing short of sad how we like to pretend that guys like him and ty cobb are such revered figures. ruth was a drunken womanizer and ty cobb was a dirty racist. funny how we don't seem to have that thrown around left and right when we're reminiscing about the "good old days". if these guys were playing NOW the press would have had a field day besmirching them instead of sucking them off like they do now.

- it's also funny how baseball never seems to complain when the gravy train is running fine. oh they got no problem with the money and fans and ticket sales that guys like pete rose and mark mcguire bring in. but when it comes time to recognize.... oh now suddenly they're on the high horse. fuck you baseball. you fucking OWE it to mcguire to put him in the hall of fame. he almost single-handedly saved your pathetic sport after it collapsed under the weight of your own greed.

so go ahead and vote your stupid vote and pretend that you're honoring a real sport and being all noble about it. you all make me sick.

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