Wednesday, May 17, 2006

no way

This has got to be a joke.

basically, the article says that Sony and other companies planning to make the Blu-Ray discs are planning on building a feature into the PLAYERS that makes it so you have to keep it connected online and if any discs that aren't coded properly (aka: discs you got raped in cost from the store) then they can send a "self-destruct" code to your player and shut it down rendering it useless.

i thought the object of a business is to make people WANT to buy your product. they might as well ship an electrified collar you must keep fastened around your neck that emits periodic shocks for the player to work. i gotta tell ya, between this kind of shit and the highway robbery prices of the PS3 we could be looking at the begining of the end for Sony.

The question is, will Microsoft jump at the chance to win a bigger share of the market or will they enact similar measures to "combat piracy" and alienate potential customers?

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