Tuesday, May 16, 2006

learning something every day

my grandmother is in town and while we were driving to meet my mom for lunch i learned that on my mother's side i'm 5th generation american. which is to say my grandmother's grandfather was born here in the U.S. on my father's side i'm 1st generation technically. he was born in spain a Spaniard and adopted by my grandfather who was stationed there in the air force at the time.

with all the immigration talk, i had always wondered how far back my mom's side was native to the U.S.

and knowing is half the battle!!!!


Johnny said...

Hey jim, its your old friend Johnny from thatsracin. I'm sure you remember me, I think I was the very first person you banned from wahwahville. I can't believe it only took you six months to have the courage to blog again. That's racin must have severly scared you. I must say you put all of this work into a blog to have 4 comments from people like that psycho Cynthia. One last question, are you still working the night shift and McDonalds? Please don't ban me, I would love to come back and visit every day. It looks like you could use the comments. Also, I was glad to hear that you are a 5th generation asshole, at least you know where you come from. Come by the thatsracin blogs sometime if you think you can handle the pressure and not take your ball and go home after 5 minutes.

mayorjimmy said...

aw, someone needs attention.....

are not enough people watching you as you hold your breath and pout?

since you obviously lack the intellegence to appreciate the irony here i'll break it down for you.

i didn't leave a forwarding address with thatsracin. that means your pitiful ass decided to look for me in order to pick a fight with someone who ignored you.

poor baby.... let's everyone look at the temper tantrum. poor little johnny.....