Sunday, March 05, 2006


had the race on but didn't watch too much of it. been dealing with some computer issues.

- So now Kyle Busch has attained asshole status in Mexico. All he needs to do now is go kick Waytne Gretzki in the balls and he'll officially be the most hated sports-figure in all of NORTH AMERICA.

- good for Denny. although i'm wondering where this sudden rush to think the Busch series means something came from. lemme see, rookie wins the shootout and a Busch race and we're singing his praises nonstop, meanwhile you got the 2 time defending Busch series champ as a rookie and DW and the gang MIGHT mention Truex if they're feeling generous.

- oh and once again someone used the phrase "He's the real deal." god i hate that phrase. he's the real deal? why? is this some sort of surprise? did they just drag a random fan out of the stands and put HIM in a car?

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Kristen said...

I have to say did not watch one single lap of this race.... I couldn't take it... It put me to sleep... On to Vegas BABY!!!