Monday, March 06, 2006

Houston wussies

The new Houston MLS (Major League Soccer) went from a retarded name "Houston 1837" to a lame one. They are now the Dynamos.

Apparently the change was because the name "offended Mexicans" since it refers to not only the year Houston was founded (its intent) but also the year Texas beat Mexico to gain independance. So now we of the Texas decent are now supposed to be ashamed of our heritage and our pasts. Once again giving another point to the "fuck white people and they shouldn't be allowed to feel any pride in their culture" groups.

Let me just say, Houston... you a sorry bunch of pathetic pussies. Also let me say, which i remind you i say as someone of Hispanic decent, FUCK MEXICO AND ANY MEXICANS WHO GOT OFFENDED. fuck you all right in your stupid asses. Houston is in Texas. We beat your sorry asses and kicked you the fuck off our land and now your poor pathetic asses have to crawl back in to beg for scraps. So fuck you if we take some pride in our past. Just because you got nothing to take any pride in doesn't mean we shouldn't be allowed to.

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