Tuesday, February 14, 2006

v-day, how i hate thee

ok here we go. it's no secret that i loathe valentine's day. this is the most bullshit of holidays ever. why do i feel so strongly? well here goes.

- the commercialism. i don't understand why xmas is always catching the most shit when the subject of commercialized holidays comes up. v-day is more commercial than xmas will EVER be. i mean with xmas at least i can do SOMETHING besides give a gift and feel like i'm celebrating it. i can watch "charlie brown xmas" or even go to church and pray (not going to happen but you get my point) and say to myself "i think i've celebrated today well". but what the fuck else can you do today except spend money on someone else and say you've celebrated the day?

- what it brings out in women. today turns you girls into the biggest bitches on the planet. if you've never been with your current girl on v-day guys, then today is the day you will probably see a side of her you never thought was there. today is the day that the women all hit the "clear memory cache" in their heads when it comes to what you've done for them. took her out for a nice dinner last week? got her a nice dress the other day? doesn't mean shit today guys. somehow in their twisted minds if your spend-fest does not take place between 12:00AM and 11:59PM on the 14th of February..... then you don't care. the green-eyed monster also runs rampant today. she may not give a rat's ass about flowers and candy any other day, but once she sees a few friends get those a nice expensive bouquet delivered at work, that all changes.

- what it turns guys into. today turns the rest of you guys into the biggest bunch of wussies, pansies, doormats, and beggers ever. i've accepted that most guys will just surrender like a Frenchman when the dilemma of "spend money or no sex" comes up. face it, you'll spend the cash and put up with her shit when she starts holding the nookie hostage. what bothers me about it, is how you guys convince yourself that making her happy is making you happy. i've heard it from good friends who i respect and i still don't buy it. why do you accept this? look, if she needs a stupid ring to say "i love you" or some other bullshit, then what the hell does this say about your relationship? stop being a wussy!!!

look, bottom line is someone is going to try and say some crap like "don't be such a grinch Jimmy!!! what's wrong with taking a day to let that special someone know you care?" i'll tell you what's wrong. what's wrong is that if can't get the messege across that you love them on the 364 days that AREN'T today.... you don't deserve today.


Sara said...

EXACTLY!!!!! And can my co-workers PLEASE stop with the @%$&*^& chocolate?????

Christina said...

I agree 100%!!!!!!!!!

I refuse to celebrate Valentines Day!!! If a guy wants to do something for me to show he cares about me, I would much rather him do it on a day I'm not expecting it rather than on a day where he feels like he HAS to do it!!!

V-Day is just a day that Hallmark and florists invented to make more money... I mean, come on - any other day you can get a dozen roses for around $25-30... On V-day you will pay over $75. It's ridiculous.

And I'm not just saying that cuz I'm not dating anyone right now... I've always told my boyfriends in the past that I don't celebrate V-Day... They look at me like I'm crazy for a second and then seem to get this huge look of relief... LOL It's kinda funny, actually!!

Shasta said...

I agree with most of it. I am a bitch if I am not AT LEAST told Happy Valentines by my husband, but I have been sucked in to the commercialisim and it takes realistic people to put me back on track sometimes.
And I've just got to say this - just so you know, this Valentine's, I got a Dale Jr mini statue and a card from my son with a rub on tatoo in it. Is that freakin redneck or what? But, anytime my husband and son go to Wal-Mart together I get some off-the-wall Dale Jr item. So I'd expect it anyday besides Valentines.