Thursday, February 16, 2006

power rankings

Ok, let me just be the first to say "what the hell is Ryan Smithison smoking?"

the power rankings for Daytona are out.

he's got Jr at 14th. huh? 14th? how the hell does Casey Mears and Jeff Burton get ahead of him? has Ryan ever watched a race at Daytona?

i know the initial Jr-hater reaction to me saying all this is "you're just mad he didn't ass Jr's ass... blah blah blah.... " but see, i've got some backup on this. apparently before making this list Ryan failed to check with a few people, namely THE GUY DRIVING IN THE RACE. pretty much everyone in that garage said the #8 was fast and the best to draft with. so yeah i guess maybe that means he'll do ok in the race. just a hunch.

except for Johnson, he'll pick Gordon. did you see him on Sportscenter yesterday in the Budweiser hot seat? what a fucking tool.

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Christina said...

Ryan Smithson is a dumbass... I've sent him emails before telling him what an idiot he is, LOL