Tuesday, February 28, 2006

random thoughts

- well that was a suck-ass weekend of racing. shitty coverage, boring fucking racing..... way to go NASCAR, just couldn't stand to have race fans watching could ya? not to worry, keep it up and it won't be a problem.

- the one bright spot, Jr is now 5th in points.

- raining on my own parade. next is Vegas where Jr doesn't have the best record. survival is the name of the game there.

- my drinking resume can now include: doing a kegstand. pictures will follow soon as i get them from Robbie or Josh.

- got my schedule for the next quarter of school. College Math 1. shoot me please. another bullshit class that i have to take so ITT can justify giving me an associates degree. fuck all that. i don't give a fuck what anyone says, that shit is useless in the real world. if you're using the shit then you're either a career student or a mathematician. see, in the real world we use these things called computers and calculators to solve our math problems. we live in the 21st century where i come from. i worked in accounting in the air force and in contracting, so if i'm not using college math in something like THAT there ain't no fucking chance you'll convince me i'll need i in computer networking.

- to continue that rant. aside from maybe insurance and religion, is there really a bigger scam out there than college??? let's look at this from a consumer prospective shall we? i pay them money (3 or 4 times as much if i'm from out of state) and then they tell ME what classes to take. so basically i'm walking into a store, handing the cashier my wallet, bending over, getting a kick in the ass, turning around, getting a kick in the crotch, and then sent on my way with whatever they decide to give me for all the money i spend. of course i could always get a price break and play the minority card and admit that i'm stupid and will never be equal with white kids unless someone gives me a headstart..... nah, i guess i'll have to settle for earning everything on my own merits. call me crazy.

- you know what i really like? i like movie ending credits where they show the picture of the different characters. like the end of predator or kill bill 2. i dunno, i just think it's cool.

- WVU clinched a first round bye in the Big East tourney by beating Pittsburgh tonight. SUCK IT PITTSBURGH!!!!

- today's moment of self-reflection. i'm now 29 days from turning 30. i dunno on some level it's kinda depressing. i see my friends with careers, wife and kids, buying houses, that whole deal.... and then i look at where i am. single, resigned to spend the rest of my life alone, in school trying to start a new career from scratch, living alone in an apartment, spending my time playing video games and watching TV. don't get me wrong, i'm right where i put myself. i'm the one who walked away from several opportunities in life to do something. i'm the one who decided i don't want another relationship because i know i'd just fuck it up. i'm the one who decided that playing games is more fun than doing something else. i've done a lot in my life. i've been all over the world, seen things most people could only dream about, experienced shit a lot of people wouldn't even WANT to, and everything is all because of choices i made. i have a ton of regrets in my life, but in the end i'm living my life on my terms and i think that's all that matters to me.

ok, enough of that.


Christina said...

I get that way sometimes - I sit and think, Man, all my friends are married or in serious relationships, most of them have kids and they are set in their lives and here I am - single. But hell, then my friends call me bitching about their spouses and complaining about the kids and wondering if they will ever get a moment's peace, I then realize that I have a pretty damn good life. I can do what I want, when I want and I don't have to check in with anyone! To be honest, in the past year I've pretty much decided that I don't think I ever want to get married if the opportunity arises...

Life is good.

And I can't wait to see the pics of the kegstand... I proceeded to do one of those when I was 17... Still have the pics and no, I'm not gonna share, those are way too embarrassing. LOL

And the Cali race was boring as hell... I think I watched maybe half of it. ugh.

Cynthia said...

I'm the one who decided I don't want another relationship because I know I'd just fuck it up. I'm the one who decided that making money and planning my future for when I retire is more important than putting up with another mans bullshit. I've done a lot in my life. I've raised my son by myself & experienced diversity that married couples wouldn't even WANT to experience, and everything is all because of choices I've made. I have a ton of regrets in my life, but in the end I'm living my life on my terms and that's all that matters to me.

Thank you Mayor, for sheding light on your life and letting me know...I'm not alone.

Love ya Brother!