Sunday, February 26, 2006

Prerace: California

halfway thru it and here's some things to notice.

- the jimmie johnson ass-kiss-machine is still running full steam, fueled with the win from Daytona.

- DW and the boys in the booth continue to be so full of shit it ain't funny. Which rookie will if any make the chase..... DW has a hard time picking between Denny Hamlin and Clint Boyer. WTF!?!?!?!? yeah good call there guys. me personally, i'd have to put my money on... oh i dunno.... maybe the guy who is DEFENDING 2 BACK-TO-BACK BUSCH TITLES!!!!!

- so now FoxSports is stealing from NBC. This year seems to be an effort to try and push the Petty name into the limelight and try and get us to believe it still stands for something other than charity fundraisers and shitty race teams. hey i have nothing but respect for Kyle and the good things he does for kids, i got NO problem with it. He just needs to stay the hell out of the cockpit. anyways, so Foxsports is using the Petty driving experience machines to take laps around the track. it's only a matter of a couple races till they start carting celebrities or Olympic athletes around and make the Wally's World steal complete.

- wow, 2 national anthems in a row that were well-sung. i'm scared. when do the meteors start?


Cynthia said...

I agree Mayor. But they justify Jimmie Johnson's (cheating). I'm sure they'll justify Stealing Wally's well.

Were back to a bunch of has beens in the booth ( remembering their day) and not focusing on TODAY! The DW spot driving the car made me ill. I wished he'd just shut the fawk up.

BTW- where the fawk is Mikey today? The corporate BOzo who ran his fawkin mouth aacting like he had talent! 43rd place. 1 lap down...

For a Driver with a 1,000,000 dollar sponsor, stupid ass commercials that make him look Gayer than ever, they sure aren't getting the exposure they expected.

Oh well, nothings changed! They barely got any exposure last year. Well they did, while Junior was still present his thier commericals.

My ,My, My how things change...and how things remain the same!

Mandy said...

I'm so sick of hearing how great Jimmie Johnson is. When he can win a title without his crew chief cheating AT ALL during the season, then perhaps you can give him some credit.

Of course, I guess I'm just one of those 48 haters to whom he dedicated his Daytona 500 win. Wow...I feel so special. :-p

Shea said...

Half agree Yah, the Jimmie thing got on my ever lovin nerves!! (i did see on trackside live all these Hate signs for JJ and right in the middle was a sign that said "free Knaus" what and IDIOT!!!))

The Fox issue all i can say about them is atleast they know a little about the cars and racing, WALLY FALLENBACK (my brothers nickname for him) is so stupid when it comes to racing, half the things he says about racing i correct!!! And who would ride around with him?? I've seen him have more wrecks with people in them! He couldn't pay me to ride in a car with him, now on the other hand i would pay to ride with JUNYA!! LOL

OK, all done, just my thoughts, agreed on everything else!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Shea but goodness you can't help but notice...DW basically STOLE WALLY DALLENBACK's idea....

That shit stinks!

Copy Cat'N Loser!


Shea said...

I do agree that he souldn't have stole his idea, he should have sat down and thougth of something creative that would have been cool!!