Monday, January 23, 2006

toyota? HA!

I'm a little more calm about Toyota getting in. I've had time to think it over and having said time, i've come to the conclusion that Toyota isnt going to do jack-squat. why?

- Dodge came back with the guns of Everham and factory-sponsored teams. Toyota's got neither.

- who the hell are they going to get to drive them? You think ANY of the guys in the top 10 are going to leave their teams?

- what teams are going to run them? Hendrick? Roush? DEI? Yates? no chance they're dumping their cars.

- the only chance Toyota has is for current small teams/drivers like Waltrip or Robby Gordon to band together and form uber-teams.

that's it. so as soon as some of the small timers start swallowing their pride and banding together Toyota MIGHT have a chance in hell.

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Tiredawg said...

Don't forget about Penske. Doesn't Roger have dealerships and doesn't he run Toyotas in the IRL?