Friday, July 22, 2011


Ok Lucas, enough is enough.

Droid-theme Xbox?

i say enough is enough, but i don't expect you to stop.  i also don't expect us to stop paying you money.  hell, as disgusted as i am at the shameless money grubbing and whoring of the Star Wars brand, i'll admit that i contributed to it.  easily.  ask my parents.  i got pics of xmas after xmas with me and my Star Wars stuff.  i'm such a consumer whore that even as disgusted as i am with this 360 thing....  i'm STILL foaming at the mouth to play the MMORPG game coming out. 

Basically this is like what I imagine (since i don't know i've only read and heard about) it's like to watch a loved one or good friend turn into an alcoholic or addict.  You watch them turn into something ugly and disgusting and as much as you want to wash your hands of them you are forced to think back to when the sickness infecting them to the core of their souls wasn't there.  You think about good times and happy smiles and you stick around and you just hope that maybe some day they'll come back to you.

I don't think alcoholic Star Wars is coming back to me, but i'll always remember the good times. 

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