Saturday, May 07, 2011

My picks

I think Obama getting another term is a foregone conclusion unless something HUGE happens.  That being said my friend Chris says the GOP should put Palin up just for laughs.  Funny thought but.... I say if we're going to go for "aw fuck it" picks..... let's get creative.

- 2 gays guys.  change the mascot during the campaign to a pink elephant.

- 2 firefighters or soldiers.  one from NY the other from Boston.  theme of "if we can set aside our differences so can you"
- Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  let's go for the hottest looking ticket.
- 2 porn stars.  theme "if you're going to elect someone who's going to fuck people and suck up.... let's get real professionals!!"
- James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman.  It'll be better than Obama.  Black, but even MORE pleasant to listen to the speeches.  Since being all talk is all the rage in Presidents now.
- Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  Honestly, no matter who the GOP puts up these guys are far better.
- The Rock and Stone Cold.  theme of "fight you for it"
- Jeff Foxworthy and Rodney Carrington.  theme of "if the right is going to be called redneck hillbillies no matter what, let's get guys that are hilarious."
- Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta.  or....  Ving Rhames and Bruce Willis.
- Christopher Walken and Will Farrell.  chris does all the talking, will follows him around with a cowbell.

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