Thursday, March 24, 2011

Detroit = Fail

Detroit has lost 25% of its population in the last decade.

The focus on this article seems to be how this will impact the federal funding the city receives to keep the residents suckling off the government teet. 

What the focus SHOULD be is where did 25% of a city full of angry douchebags go?

I stand by the comment.  These people have had to...

- watch jobs dry up with no end to that in sight
- biggest names are Eminem and Robocop
- root for the Lions and Pistons

I'd be the angriest douchebaggiest person alive if I had been subjected to all that for a YEAR much less 10.

Anyways, unless the city started a silent campaign of mercy smothering, those angry people moved SOMEWHERE.  My money is that it was the people who could afford to move and who had marketable skills or educations to do so.  Which means that the city is now filled with

- Arabs.  The largest concentration of Arabic population in the US
- Poor, out of work ex auto workers
- All the people Eminem raps about
- The Detroit Lions
- The Detroit Pistons

Help me out here, what exactly is Detroit's selling point on attracting people to come?  Lemme help, you can start by finding the chick with the awesome ass at the strip club Ryan and I hit there to pose for billboards everywhere.  Seriously, this was an AMAZING ass.  I'm not just saying that just she rubbed it in my lap and shook it in my face.  Then you advertise like bloody hell you have gambling.  Then you actually build Robocop and unleash him to start killing scumbags.

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