Thursday, February 03, 2011

If god exists, he hates Jimmy Ballard: reason #too many to count

Kristen Stewart?  Seriously?

Bad enough all our best comic book heros are being played by Brits, now we gotta give away key roles to shitty actresses?

Will I EVER see a fucking awesome Superman movie in my lifetime?????

UPDATE:  bullet dodged.

UPDATE2:  ok so if he doesn't hate me, he certainly hates comic book fans.  i think the comic industry would be greatly served by a good Wonder Woman movie or tv show.  Sadly, Hollywood decides "let's just totally fuck this up."

UPDATE3:  why aren't American men being cast?  well according to casting agents, because American men are a bunch of pussies.  this of course begs the question, "well why do you assholes keep hiring pussies?"  maybe if you fuckheads hired men who are real men and unashamed of it we wouldn't be stuck with a bunch of candyasses too meek to be convincing superheros.

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