Friday, February 18, 2011

cooties... ew

Ok so we got a story about a high school (home schooled) guy who refused to wrestle a girl.

So here's the thing.  He says it's because his "religious beliefs" which then goes on to give 2 different possible specifics on that.  Both of which are horseshit.  Either....

reason 1 - the sport involves some violence and with a girl involved it's a bad thing.

why it's BS - i'll admit i'm not very well versed in the Pentacostal religion, but i'd love to see the part in which violence against women in the slightest is EXPRESSLY forbidden.  oh and if it turns to violence then that means you suck at it.  there's a reason wrassling and wresling are 2 different things.  This isn't the WWE and you arne't being asked to go out and give her a Stone Cold Stunner.

reason 2 - this is the reasoning i think is the real reason why....  Jamie Northrup is a minister in the Believers in Grace Fellowship, an independent Pentecostal church in Marion that believes young men and women shouldn't touch in a "familiar way," said Bill Randles, the church's pastor.

why it's BS - Ok so let's follow this one to the logical conclusion shall we?  They're saying that the act of wrestling means the contestants are touching in "a familiar way" in other words, they are engaging in activity of a sexual nature.  So wouldn't that make all the wrestling he's been doing with the guys GAY?  I mean, they just admitted that just DOING the wrestling was a sexual act.  He wasn't asked to pin and fuck her, he was asked to do the same thig he does to all the guys and he said he couldn't because it apparently is ok to do sex stuff with guys but not girls.  Once again, i'm not an expert on the Pentacostlas, but I have to imagine that they aren't cool with homosexuality. 

either way, all this talk of "he's so brave for this decision" crap is total horseshit.  he's a candyass pussy and deserves to be ridiculed till he cries.

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