Thursday, March 05, 2009


OK venting time.

I can deal with impatient people in my line of work. You fix PCs and you're used to people expecting you to wave a fucking wand and *poof* their problems away.

I can handle stupid people. Nobody ever backs their shit up until they've lost it once or twice. I'm used to people never learning from their mistakes and doing dumb shit.

What i can't fucking handle..... ungrateful motherfuckers. People who come *THIS* close to losing all their shit, having me bail their fucking asses out, and then have the fucking NERVE to get all pissy about losing a few hours of work time. KISS MY ASS all right, just kiss the fattest part of my ass.

Another thing i can't stand around here is people not understanding that the IT department isn't supposed to be busy. We're like the Fire Department. You don't want us working our asses off. If i'm busy.... SHIT IS FUCKED UP. You want me busy? Fine, I'll go break your shit and then "fix" it. Feel better now? Your internet is down 20% of the time, your monitor stops working, your computer is slow as all hell from excessive virus scans, you have to send an email for EVERY time you want to access a document on the share drive.

but i'm busy dammit. feel better.

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family said...

ok--this is so true and so funny! Jim, you got this one right.