Sunday, February 01, 2009

DOUBLE loser

Losing with dignity, not Federer's style. He's much more the "lose and cry like a girl with a skinned knee" type of guy. It's cool Roger, I hear chicks dig a sensitive man. Then again, so do a lot of other guys. The ones who prefer the company of other men.


Robbie said...

Couldn't possibly disagree more, sir. I wanted Rafa to win, and even still, it got dusty in the room when I saw Federer break down. He didn't cry because he was sad, he broke down because he felt like he let the fans down. He basically gave away the final set and he didn't play his best game.

Jimmy said...

I'm sure there's a lot of Arizona Cardinals that felt they let the fans down, but I'm sure they retained their dignity and kept from weeping.

Robbie said...

Or they're like the majority of American athletes and didn't give a damn. Federer got caught up in the moment and broke down...if anything, I respect him more for not being afraid to be vulnerable for a second. Why does every athlete have to be stoic? Why is it only okay to weep when you win?

Jimmy said...

because that's one of the perks of winning. you get to be emotional and let it all out. you can take losing 3 ways

1 - congratulate your opponent, and walk away with your head high

2 - cry like a bitch

3 - complain about getting robbed of your victory and go away like an ULTRA bitch

Anonymous said...

Don't be cruel. I can understand that after such a long match nerves must be blank. Plus Rafa used to be unbeatable for Roger on sand, that he assumed, but that Rafa is getting really good on all surfaces, and assuming that it will be even more difficult if can be, must be a real slap in the face. I'm sorry that Rafa couldn't do a planned speech because of that, but both behaved like sirs. Anyhow, ¡VAMOS RAFA!