Tuesday, January 06, 2009


The movie Superbad.... sucked. it was (if you'll pardon the pun) super bad. i watched this movie only because my buddy here highly recommended it. "you'll love it man it's great!!!" well that's the last movie recommendation i take from him. you know what watching this movie was like?

(i'm about to make a very dirty explicit comparison so sensitive readers just stop now)

watching this movie was like having terrible sex with a chick who talked a big game. i mean, here you are hearing how great it is. you are assured the experience will be one to remember. you WILL enjoy yourself. oh boy oh boy....i'm going to like this!!! i'm going to cum in her so fucking hard her nose will run! only to walk away asking yourself "why the fuck did i just go thru with that!?!?" for the most part i can walk away from almost any movie saying i was entertained. i keep my expectations low and as a result i'm almost always a happy movie going person. i don't set the bar high. it's kinda like sex, even if i don't have the time of my life i'm just happy to be there and be entertained. only, when i see movies like this, i tell myself i should have just stayed home and slept with myself, because it certainly would have been better.

i am sick and fucking tired of movies with people who let themselves get pushed around.

i am sick and fucking tired of movies with a character that treats his friends like shit and even when he gets called out on it, they make up and everything is cool. who's fucking idea of friendship is THAT???

Seth Rogen is over hyped. WAY over hyped. the guy isn't that funny. he has his moments, but all in all, he just isn't that funny. not enough to where i have to see him in every frakking comedy that comes out.

there, i'm done venting.

time to wash my eyeballs and go to bed.

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