Monday, December 01, 2008

here i am

Well, i'm finally at the IZ and my new home. let's examine the what, where, when, and how of this shall we?

- journey start date: 15 September
- journey completion: 1 December
- distance traveled.... a lot. breaking it down further.....
- plane rides: plane from san antonio to DC / DC to Detroit / Detroit to San Diego / San Diego to DC / DC to Dallas / Dallas to DC / DC to Atlanta / Ft Benning to Kuwait / Kuwait to Baghdad
- living conditions: hotels, brother's couch, airplane seat, bunk bed in a open bay with about 10 other bunk beds

what side adventures did Jimmy have?

- Redskins game
- Cowboys game
- crappy strip club in Maryland
- greatest strip club ever in Detroit with the greatest ass i've ever seen on a girl
- 3 different casinos
- tailgating at UNT game without actually attending the game
- hauling heavy luggage all over the damn place

and begins another chapter in the life of Jimmy. let's see just what happens shall we?

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