Monday, December 15, 2008

come on people

So now God gets credit for an open sunroof.

this is just retarded. long story short, grandmother gets hit by car while carrying toddler. toddler rolls into open sunroof of car preventing serious harm maybe even death. Sounds like random acts of chance to me. not these people.

The driver of the car, Reece Barcenes, said the only reason the sunroof was open was that the sun was shining brightly hours earlier.

"I didn't close it for whatever reason," he said. "And I just happened to have it opened. Everybody here tells me it was an act of God that I had it open. Had it been not been open or a hard top, God knows what would have happened to that baby."

are you kidding me? an act of God? it's called a coincidence you morons.

let's take this further. for the sake of argument, let's assume it was an act of God. if it was.... i'm not impressed. you mean to tell me that when God decided to roll the dice and slap a few random events together the best he could do was "let's have the grandmother get hit, lose the kid, but the kid goes flying into an open sunroof." come on. i'm thinking if God deals in these kind of "acts" he could have done something like having the grandmother "somehow" drop her keys or something that delayed her walking into the path of the car. you know, something a little less shitty happening to a poor old grandmother and a toddler.

i swear the things people will believe never cease to amaze me.

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