Monday, November 24, 2008

Toot toot

I don't often like tooting my own horn. Sure i like joking around in my usual "i am the greatest mo-fo on the planet" but I generally don't like speaking of myself as if i were seriously a great person, because i'm not. i'm far far from it. I once had someone tell me that they thought i acted very aloof like i thought i was better than anyone around me and it really got to me. When i look back i can see just why that person got the impression. so now i try to keep from pretending i'm better than everyone. i probably do a shitty job most times and maybe i'm just wired that way.

anyways, i thought i'd toot my horn over something simple yet hard for me. prior to landing here in Iraq, my dietary habits were sad. pitiful even. i pretty much drank literally nothing but Monster and Mountain Dew. I ate fast food all the time. it kicked the shit out of body. when i got the job offer to come out here i made myself a promise. i told myself i would use this chance to change all that and do right by my body. hell, with the threat of mortar attacks and other explosions and stuff it would be pretty god-damn retarded if i died of a fucking heart attack wouldn't it. so yeah i made some changes. i stopped drinking the soda and Monster. it wasn't as easy as i thought it would be. i thought it would be easy since it would be less accessible here. nope. walk right into the PX and there's literally pallets of Monster and Dew sitting there. plenty of dew in the chow halls. ok well fine, at least eating healthy will be a snap right? nah. they got Subway and Burger King here. coworkers with lots of candy and sweets from care packages. chow halls with desert bars. DAMMIT. you just ain't making this easy are you? and yet, i prevailed thus far. not without some displeasure. drinking lots of water and gatorade sucks. it sucks cuz i'm tired of having to take a damn piss every other hour. *sigh* the struggle continues. well, maybe once i get used to it i won't feel like this.

so anyway, there's my little tooting.

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Robbie said...

Very cool that you're making the change man, keep that will power goin