Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Finally the 2 year nightmare is over. Obama wins.


i want to go back to watching ANYTHING that doesn't have politics in it. I want normal commercials back. I want to watch someone selling me something other than BULLSHIT.

as a side note, i feel really bad for the left. what the hell are you guys going to do now? you're actually going to have go out find NEW stuff to bitch about. without Bush in office where are you going to focus all your crazy? and yes, i do mean crazy. TV was sweeping the crowd at one of the rallies and somebody actually had a sign that said "Bush you're fired". (i hope i don't have to explain just why that statement is either insanely crazy or monumentally stupid) This is how fixated these people are on hating Bush. This is the level of insane that they have gone to. They're bullshitting themselves into actually believing that Obama ran against Bush. THAT is how badly they needed an excuse to pour more gas on the hate-Bush fires. You can't tell me that these people are just going to stop hating. It ain't going to happen. trust me i'm an expert on rage and hate. that kind of emotion doesn't just go away. you either have to refocus it or just internalizes.

oh well. life goes on. i don't care either way. i'm out of the country in about 2 weeks anyways so it's your problem now not mine.

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