Monday, October 27, 2008


Flew out to Dallas friday morning. Josh got some tickets to the Cowboys game. Also my dad was in country for a conference down in San Antonio so he and Jackie drove up for the game as well. Plus Robbie and his dad were there so that was cool. Anyways, here's the seats we had for the game.

Good seats. Except for a couple things. The Cowboys fans. With the exception of my mom i can pretty much issue the blanket statement from attending that game that the Cowboys have serious overcrowding issues in the stands. There seems to be an overabundance of DOUCHEBAGS in Texas Stadium on game day. we were surrounded by nothing but fuckheads who were competing for the award of "biggest asshat" that i think they must have announced before we go there or maybe when i went to the can before the game started. I dunno. It was a pretty tight competition. The award for most annoying has to go to the harpy sitting behind us yelling "defeeeeeeeeeence!!!" the whole game. And it wasn't even like she was chanting it, or yelling it when other people were, just whenever the Bucs had the ball she'd start cackling away in a high-pitched tone that made life miserable. Thank goodness the game didn't go to overtime cuz one more quarter of her yelling and she would have been getting a fist right in the baby-maker. It WAS that bad. Ask josh and robbie.

Anyways, it was a good weekend. Jackie, Josh, Dad and I all went to see Saw 5. Probably the worst of the series. BUT...... never-the-less we were obligated to see it. For you see, Jackie Josh and I have managed to all see the entire "Saw" series together in theaters when each one came out. Every one, all 3 of us. A Ballard kids tradition. Frankly, i think it's really cool. I like being able to share certain things with my siblings. I like that we all have JLB for initials. (yes we all have "Lee" for a middle name) I like how we all love to travel and explore the world. I like how they both went thru college (josh is allllmost done) and neither of them came out a couple of Liberal drones like some of their friends or some people i know (not you Sara). Screw all you guys, the Ballard 3 are where it's at.

Aw yeah.

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Jackie (the sister) said...

Hell yeah! We are the coolest! None like us thats for sure!