Sunday, October 12, 2008

random things to say

i know, i've been slacking off in my blogging.

ok, so i'm back in the DC area. all i need is my medical and dental clearance and off i go to Iraq. this needs to hurry the hell up. living in a hotel not making tons of money is getting old. i just got back from a 2 week trip to help out a coworker with some things at 2 other offices. In Detroit and San Diego.

- Detroit is a hellhole of a city. If i lived there I'd kill myself. is there anything to do there besides drink, gamble, and go to strip clubs? Cuz that's all i did when i was there. don't get me wrong, i love doing all 3. in fact i think i have a new front runner in the "best strip club experience by Jimmy" category. i still can't get over how awesome Carmen's ass was. Yeah but Detroit is just a depressing city period.

- San Diego is a tropical El Paso. It looks better, weather is better, and it still looks like you're in the United States and not Mexico.

- The Subaru Legacy is a shitty vehicle. A really really crappy car.

- What the fuck is up with California people and prefacing freeways with "the"??? Let's take THE 5 to THE 15. who the hell else talks like that? up yours California you freaks. It bugs me because it smacks of those dipshits in Ohio and their THE Ohio State shit. fuck that whole school.

- my fantasy football season SUCKS.

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josh said...

Ah san diego. a whale's vagina.