Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Who matters?

OK, time for a rant. this one is directed at the lengths people will go to in order to feel like they "matter".

it started with the local news here in San Antonio reporting on the voting going on. They were talking to a Hillary supporter (a butt-ugly woman) and she started going on about how she thinks (and i quote) "we think we can pull out a victory".

ex-fucking-cuse me!?!?!? WE????? what's this WE shit? is she running for an office and the news just fail to mention it? reality check there jackass..... if HILLARY wins, then SHE gets to go on to fame and fortune. YOU the pathetic loser who voted for her, get to go back to your loser existence. there is no WE.

this is just like all the sports fans out there who talk about their team in terms of "i think we can win a championship this year." once again... WE????? did you get drafted? i don't see you out there on the field pal. THEY will try and win a championship. YOU will get to keep watching from the fucking COUCH. you are a FAN, not a PLAYER. YOU think that THEY can win.

are people really this fucking demented? are we so desperate to feel important that we bullshit ourselves into thinking that voting and cheering makes us part of a campaign or a team? apparently we are.

need more proof? how about those nimrods who stand in the background during the Today show or in pregame shows? there's maybe 2 or 3 people who are watching and saying "holy shit!!! i KNOW that guy!!!!" the rest of us are going "look at that dumb bastard in the background on his cell phone. can't we arrange for something to hit him?"

listen. not being famous isn't the fucking end of the world. yeah we all want our 15 minutes. i had mine. came and went. it's over and done. no big deal. i'll live. some of you may never be famous. that doesn't mean your life was meaningless. it just means you didn't become famous. there's no need to humiliate yourself. your pride isn't worth it. keep your dignity please.

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Country O.G. said...

Jimmy....it is great writing like this that makes you the man. You have a way to put into words the everyday shit that wears on a brother. The only other fucker on the planet who comes close to feeling the pain I suffer from dealing with fucking morons everyday, is Larry David on 'Curb your Enthusiasm'.

Patriot and Cowboy fans are by far the worst when it comes to saying WE. Of course, about 90% of both those team's fans are jackoffs anyway.