Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fight Scenes

way back when i was in Afghanistan i was working on a series of lists. It was a bunch of lists under the massive heading "best fight scene". it was a series since there are so many ways to classify fight scenes. guns or no guns? weapons or hand-to-hand? best music? vehicles? i never really got anywhere with it. in fact i only got a few entires into the "best start to a fight" list. i found it while digging up some old documents i had backed up on CD. here you go.


1 – CONAN THE DESTROYER. The crypt fight. Conan whipping out a knife and with a simple “Enough talk!!” he starts some shit. Classic Arnold.

2 – SUPERMAN 2. The big showdown. This was a great opening to a great fight. “Come son of jor-el, kneel before zod!!!” how much better does it get? This was not only a great opening, but it set the stage for a classic comedy moment in Mallrats. You better know what I’m talking about.

3 – STAR WARS RETURN OF THE JEDI. There are several fights in this movie that all start great. Like the pit of Carkoon. Everyone is held captive, about to be executed, Luke is walking the plank and things couldn’t looks worse. And in the span of a couple seconds with a simple hand-signal Luke signals R2 and next thing you know he’s gone from about-to-die-captive to opening-can-of-whoopass-jedi. That’s just friggin awesome. The lightsaber duel between father and son. Luke gives into the dark side and gets ready strike down the emperor. But there’s darth… makes it clear to Luke he can’t escape a confrontation with him.

4 – DESPERADO. The big showdown between Antonio and his boys against the bad guys. “let’s play.” Simple yet effective.

5 – MATRIX. Lobby shootout. I think we all reacted the same as the guard when Neo opened the jacket showing a fucking arsenal underneath. “holy shit!”

6 – ALIENS. The fight in the cooling tower area. “Let’s rock!!!!” that’s awesome. Vasquez was such a badass.


gene said...

How about Josey Wales asking the three Yankee soldiers if they're just gonna stand there or whistle Dixie.

Jeff S said...

As bad as the movies was, I'd have to add the Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon vs Darth Maul fight scene from EP1. Every fan-boy on the planet collectivly wet themselves when Maul lit the other end of his saber.

And let us not forget about the many, many fight scenes in Tombstone.

Jimmy said...

good call Jeff. but if you really wanna see lightsaber battles that are f-ing awesome, go check out the fan-made ones.

Jeff S said...

Best fan made one is on You Tube by the name of RVD2.