Friday, December 21, 2007


my sister and i were watching a rerun of "so you think you can dance" earlier today. it got me thinking about confidence. see, there's different kinds of being confident.

- repeaters confidence. this is the person talking over and over about how confident they are. "you can do this, you can do this....." this is a scared bastard who's barely hanging on. fucking with this person is not only easy, but fun.

- confidence by proxy. mostly a team thing. you got one or two guys who are good to go and the other guys are counting on them to stay strong. this backfires though when the keystone guys get taken out. like if Kobe went down in a game. you can't tell me the rest of the Lakers wouldn't all want to just go back to the locker room and cry.

- straight denial. this is the confidence you see mostly on fat chicks. you know the ones. "i look GOOD...." no honey you don't. you're fat as hell and the guys only pay attention because you put out and you give good head. come to think of it, it's pretty much only chicks who have this kind of confidence.

- OVERconfidence. this is kinda like denial but mostly found on guys. you know, like the guys who are screaming at nobody. "ALL RIGHT LET'S DO THIS!!!! I AM GOING TO FUCKING ROCK THIS SHIT!!!! WOO!!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!!" just stay the hell away from these guys and have a camera ready.

- gang leader. this is being confident because you got people backing you up. pretty much any pussy in a gang. he's all mouth and shit talk because he's got his boys backing him up. get this guy alone and he's a little bitch. pathetic.

- false confidence. this is the kind you see in movie stars and celebs. they have people kissing their asses nonstop so pretty soon they figure nothing they do is wrong. honestly, i don't blame them for it. any damn one of us would act the same way if we had people reacting to us the way people react towards celebs now. you're full of shit if you think you wouldn't.

- genuine confidence. this one is easy to spot. it's the person who isn't saying anything. someone who is sure of them self doesn't need to flaunt it.

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