Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bioshock vs Incredibles

part of why i used to write in this blog is to point out how fucking retarded other people are. so i can show what stupid things they say. you the reader get to read these things and then laugh with me. i've been slacking off. so here's something to get it started again.

some jackass decided to compare the video game Bioshock (which is a great game) and the Disney film The Incredibles.

you can read it and draw your own conclusions. my conclusion is that he really really missed the fucking point.

- celebrating mediocrity. Bob's rant on celebrating mediocrity was meant as a critique on how pitiful modern society has made or is making kids. it was meant as a spit in the eye of every stupid sports league that insists EVERYONE gets a trophy no matter how shitty you play or how little effort you give. which leads to my next point.

- "and when everyone's special, no one will be" that quote from the movie spells it out. when you start rewarding everyone for doing the smallest of things, then the real accomplishments will mean nothing.

- this part was just plain funny.

My law professor once called "The Incredibles" a "Republican movie." There are those that are incredible, there are those that aren't incredible, and that's just the way life is. You have to just have "it" in you (i.e. in the "Republican" analogy, "it" would be wealth, power, or an overriding desire for those things) and if you don't, you're looked down upon. When I first heard him, I didn't really know what the hell he was talking about. But now, I think I've come to terms with it.

kinda slow on the uptake aren't you? it took me 2 seconds to figure out what your jackass liberal douche of a law professor was talking about. he sees the world as all liberals see it. the rich are evil and think that everyone who isn't rich is beneath them. it is the government's DUTY to take their money and give it to the poor, whether they earned it or not.

- he barely mentioned Bioshock. the point of which was that some form of authority is always going to come about and that if left unchecked it will always go out of control.

bottom line: what a moron.


David Chen said...

Nothing you've said here contradicts what I wrote in my post. I don't see any reason why the messages that you see in the movie can't coexist with the messages I see.

Thanks for reading (although no thanks for calling me a "moron")!

Jeff S said...

I don't think he missed the point, he just kept it overly simple.

Let me start with this simple premise.. its a kids movie. You had an agenda and you saw what you wanted to see. Mr. Incredible didn't stop Buddy from helping because he though he was better, he did it for the same reason I won't let my 4 year old swing a hammer. He'll get hurt.

Buddy would have ended up the way he did no matter what MI did. There were dozens of things that could have set that kid off, in this case it was "I don't want you to get hurt".