Sunday, December 30, 2007


this kind of story makes me ashamed to have been born in Texas.

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Shasta said...

no kidding, ashamed. people keep stressing this issue of how we're a free country and we should be open to accepting these's so very irritating to feel like there's really nothing you can do. it doesn't make a shit to me if they're trying to "better their lives" by coming here, i don't care why they're here, i care that we have to pay for them, that i can't find someone to give me the brain surgery i "need" because i can't afford to go to the best dr, but they can go to whomever for free. i tried to enroll my son in pre-k in a public school. but, we made $27.00 more a month than the required income. $27.00 freaking dollars. BUT, if English had been his SECOND language - we could have enrolled him no matter WHAT our income was. so, i had to pay the $400 a month for daycare that we could soooo afford just so i could work to have food on the table because we didn't qualify for aid. i didn't want it forever, i wanted it AFTER i had 3 brain surgeries and was unable to work as much as a normal person or only as much as my dr would let me. i'm not racist, i'm American, i pay my shit and you should, too if you're here no matter what freaking nationality you are. get legal or get out.