Wednesday, July 25, 2007

well the era of the camaro is over for jimmy. at least for now. rising gas prices and long commute has forced me to find something better on gas than the camaro. so as of now i am driving

2006 chevy silverado.

yes i know what you're about to say.... "jimmy, trucks aren't known for GOOD gas milage!!!!!"

you'll note i said "better on gas THAN THE CAMARO" this is for 2 reasons.

1 - V6 not a V8
2 - takes regular not super

it's a real switch going from sports car to truck.

i'm not going to complain, my camaro and i had a great 112,000 miles. and as soon as i can i'll just get the new camaro that comes out in a few years.

my the way, i got the truck with 5000 miles on it, so pretty much brand new at a GREAT deal.

here's some pics.

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