Sunday, July 15, 2007

No democracy thank god

Some moron thought it would be neat to show 10 things Americans could have if this were truly a democracy and everything were decided on popular vote.

All i can say is thank god this isn't a democracy. check this list out.

10 - Marijuana Decriminalization. this one i can agree with. if people wanna kill themselves the very least the government can do is tax the hell out of it. I'm a drinker and smoker and i ain't quitting. I suggest we add prostitution to this one. Selling is legal.... fucking is legal.... why isn't selling fucking legal?

9 - Universal Health Care. ah yes, let's turn all health care aspects into government-run organizations. you gotta be shitting me. Do any of these nimrods REALLY want the same people who run the DMV and Post Office running the HOSPITALS!?!?! We'd also see the end of medical developments. 9999 out of 10000 times a government number cruncher will make sure you can just "live with" whatever you have rather than spend the money to find a cure.

8 - Stricter Campaign Finance Laws. this one is an insanely easy fix. just stop giving political contributions. just don't do it. if politicians had to earn the money you give them and be accountable then this wouldn't be a problem.

7 - Equal aid to Palestinians and Israelis. I'm not really going to comment on this one because frankly i think there's no good solution to this. at all. there's no way to make anyone happy. I'll admit i don't have a clue on what to do.

6 - Reducing Military Spending. ha ha ha ha ha....*pause for breath*... ha ha ha ha ha!!!! oh that's good. and of course all the people trying to kill Americans will just MAGICALLY go away right? i had no idea we could just wish our problems away.

5 - Increased Social Spending. I'm calling bullshit on this one. if this was polled to something people WANT then they clearly didn't understand what was being asked. there's no way i believe that if you asked someone "would you like to pay more taxes from your hard earned money to give it to people who are lazy and want handouts?" actually maybe they just asked poor and lower class people what they wanted. they sure as hell didn't ask the rich people (you know, the ones who pay all the taxes) if they want to give it to even MORE bums.

4 - Acceptance of Kyoto Protocol. nice try Al Gore, shouldn't you be out looking for man-bear-pig?

3 - A Diplomatic Solution with Iran. can i buy some pot from this guy? he has GOT to be smoking the craziest shit ever grown. diplomatic solution? how in the fucking HELL do you solve things diplomatically with a country who wants you dead? not for anything we did, just because we're Americans. wow, this is some serious denial.

2 - Pulling Troops out of Iraq. I've given up caring about this. whatever happens, things are only going to get worse. troops pull out, Iran and Syria move in, another 9-11 happens, and instead of acknowledging that maybe we should have tried finishing the job they'll just blame Bush. it's going to happen. watch.

1 - The Impeachment of George W Bush. this is a joke. people's hatred of Bush has reached a level where i just don't believe anything anyone says about him anymore. people so easily accept the worst about him that it's pathetic. Bush could throw himself in front of a bullet meant for a infant black girl and people would rather believe he fired the bullet, hates kids, hates women, and hates black people. that's how retarded people have become.

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