Monday, July 09, 2007

7 things rebuttle

Cinematical has a list on 7 reasons summer movies have become dumber.

there are a couple good points, but mostly it's an exercise in total jackassery and a retard-o-rama. go ahead and read them and come back.

here's a my rebuttal on them.

1 - this problem goes away when jerkoff movie critics, and hollywood snobs uncork their heads from their asses and realize that a special effects bonanza film can be as good if not better a film than some boring-ass oscar movie. lemme put it this way, when was the last time you watched a porno for the plot and acting? did you finish and say "well, the plot was terrible and the acting was awful, i just didn't like it." hell no. you know why? cuz nobody watches porn for the plot or the acting, they watch for the visual effects. i don't care about why the girl doesn't have cash to pay for the pizza, i just wanna see giant hooters bouncing around while a total babe moans like a banshee. comprende? this applies to summer popcorn flicks. a movie loaded with awesome special effects doesn't have to have a super plot or Shakespeare acting to be a great movie. The original Star Wars was crap for plot and acting, and yet it remains one of the greatest works of cinema ever. so get off your high horse morons.

2 - Tons of marketing? oh my god it's like..... it's like..... it's almost like they want people to come see the movie. HOLY SHIT!!!! those sneaky bastards, how dare they market the fuck out of a movie in an attempt to get you to go see it. It's like the marketing people are doing some manner of job they are hired to do.

3 - I can agree with this. the whole "it's the #1 movie in America!!!" thing is only worth something if they can say it's been #1 for longer than 2 weeks. THEN I'm impressed. oh and the "it's the #1 comedy/drama movie in America" thing is fucking sad. if you aren't #1, then please don't bother.

4 - this could be cleared up if the oscars become something worth taking seriously. but they remain a total fucking joke hence we're stuck with chick flicks and snore-ville towards the end of the year.

5 - yeah, I'm sure that Lucas is chomping at the bit to put out another movie for nitpicky assholes to complain about.

6 - little bit of a reality check for everyone complaining of nothing "original" coming out of hollywood...... 99.99999% of the good ideas are all taken. there's pretty much nothing new to do anymore. it's all just remakes of TV shows or adaptations of a book from now on. you'll just have to accept that fresh ideas are a rare thing now. fucking deal with it.

7 - the only people not helping are the douchbags who come up with shitty film reviews trying to show off all they learned in their english and drama classes they took in community college.

so bottom line is that this guy is just another crybaby little girl who thinks every film released all thru the year has to be an oscar contender and a fresh new idea. so pitiful.

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