Monday, January 22, 2007

random thoughts

- dear god thank you for Da Bears winning. i was not about to stomach 2 weeks of bullshit new orleans stories. you know, the ones that forget to mention how the U.S. taxpayer is footing $150 million towards rebuilding the superdome. you know, the big building that everyone left in new orleans can't even afford to go to. ah yes, and the lack of reports on how the crime rates in certain areas of Houston and here in san antonio have gone up.

- i'd have rather seen the Pats win, but i got no big beef with Peyton and the Colts winning. my morbid curiosity wants the bears to win just to see how brutal it gets with the Peyton choke coverage.

- if it was possible to have placed a bet directly after the colts-pats game of "shannon sharpe uses whatever talk time he's given to bring up the fact that there's 2 black head coaches in the superbowl" i'd have bet everything i could possibly have bet to include my life and i'd be a rich fucking man right now. robbie knows, he heard me call it.

- was it just me or did show an ad during the game that advertised an upcoming ad? has tv advertising now reached a wacky new level? guess so.

- i was just thinking that it's been almost a full decade since 2 people came into my life. Roger, my best friend who i consider a brother; and Carrie, the woman i'll always love more than any other. i've learned so much from them both. roger got me into sports and chevys and showed me that there are people crazy enough to tolerate me and my wacky antics. i dunno how i would've made it thru some of the shit in my life without his support. carrie showed me that true love does in fact exist and that there is someone out there who is made for you. i only wish that just because you exist to love someone that you would end up with them. sometimes life is a real fucking joke.

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