Monday, January 01, 2007

by the way

I know some of you that visit here found this place because of the NASCAR posting i used to do. Maybe you found your way over from my time as a blogger for or just by accident. either way, i'm just letting you know that those postings aren't happening anymore. ever. after the Talladega race during the 2006 chase, i officially quit NASCAR for good. several reasons.

- no more enforcement. that race ending sealed it. NASCAR doesn't give a rat's ass about enforcing rules or sportsmanlike conduct. yeah yeah it just so happened that it was Jr that got screwed, that did add to it, but that was just the straw that broke the camel's back. i mean seriously, is there a sport out there more selective on how and when they enforce their OWN rules? i just can't take it.

- TV coverage. it sucks. plain and simple. i'd like to think that it might get better with the return to ESPN, but i really have no reason to think otherwise. we're still going to have to sit thru 1/3 of the race being commercials, boring filler segments, and announcers with their heads jammed WAY the fuck up their asses.

- overblown news. tony stewart gets mad. dale jr says ANYTHING. a roush driver complains. these are all things that we're used to happening and once they do the news can't shove it down our collective throats fast enough. i'm tired of one story being told 50 ba-ZILLION times and always being blown way the fuck out of proportion.

- johnson winning title. this isn't a main reason, it's just something that ties in with previous reasons. like the enforcement. our current championship team has been busted for cheating more than anyone else and then comes out and wins the title. so how are any of us supposed to think NASCAR is serious about enforcing rules. yeah sure. next you'll tell me that baseball was serious about busting steroids back when McGuire and Sosa were saving baseball from collapsing. johnson winning is also going to fall under the "overblown news". i'm not particularly interested in a TON of johnson ass-kissing.

so it's been a good run. i've had some good times watching and met some great people. it's now NFL, some NBA, and Manchester United watching for me.

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