Tuesday, December 26, 2006

movies of 2006

i can never stand reading the "top" lists of movie critics of self-important film snobs (like the people over at aintitcoolnews.com). they always hail these no-name artsy fliks as the best and it's total crap. so here's MY top 10. and i'm not ranking them, just the top 10.

so in no particular order.....
1 - Superman Returns. it's superman for the love of god. yeah the film had WAY too much romance in it (read: any) and not enough action. but it was well done and the plane rescue scene gave me goosebumps. let's hope the sequel has more action to it.

2 - Clerks 2. this movie was great. Randall continues to be one of the most awesome characters on film. i say that since i see a lot of me in him.

3 - Jackass 2. screw you holier-than-thou people who think you're "too sophisticated" to see a movie like this. it's funny. it's guys playing jokes on each other and doing wacky stunts. don't analyze, don't try and make a case for the decline of society. just laugh you bastards.

4 - Borat. it's offensive and just plain weird and yet it's hilarious.

5 - Saw 3. with the amount of boring dumbass horror films out, it's nice to see one that can still make you uncomfortable.

6 - V for Vendetta. the "v word" speech was priceless. what's great though was the sheer amount of people too stupid to know this wasn't a swipe at the Bush administration and that the best message you could've gotten from this movie is that if we're looking for someone to blame for the way things are we need only look in the mirror.

7 - Hostel. once again, nice to see a film that can make you squirm. not to mention it reminded me that i need to take a trip to the balkans.

8 - Pirates of the Caribbean 2. heh heh. pirates is cool.

9 - Xmen 3. action packed and enjoyable. can't wait for the Wolverine movie.

10 - Mission Impossible 3. action and fun. so what if Tom is crazy, at least he ain't telling me how to vote.

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Cheyenne said...

Glad to see you're back; I missed ya.
Yes, pirates is cool and Johnny Depp is cooler. I know, it's not your week for guys. So keep blogging because I enjoy reading.