Friday, July 14, 2006

Vegas baby | News for Las Vegas, Nevada | Las Vegas Poised to Fight 'Rainbow Six Vegas'

this story is too good not to share.

basically, the city officials in Vegas are going to protest the release of the game Rainbow Six: Las Vegas. for those of you unfamiliar with the game series, you play a counter-terrorist group where you save people and such. excellent series by the way.

anyway, the Vegas mayor and such don't like that there are masked gunmen firing into crowds and explosions along the strip. they want to make it clear that the story (that's right the VIDEO GAME story) is based on a false premise. you got that? it NEVER HAPPENED for REAL.

and just to clear it up, Nicolas Cage never crashed a plane loaded with convicts into the strip either. i guess the mayor doesn't have an issue with THAT premise, but the idea that you could save innocent lives FROM the criminals against the backdrop of his city is too much for him to handle.

so once again, Las Vegas, the city that advertises around drinking, gambling, and sex..... does not want you to think a storyline about fighting terrorists in their town ever happened for real.

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