Monday, May 22, 2006

Weekend trip

Went to New Orleans this weekend with my family to meet up with my sister. She's in the area working for Americorp. They're helping the long term recovery efforts.

whoever designed the layout and the street design needs to be fucking shot. a lot. in the stomach and left to die. it's like D.C. getting around is a nightmare. the town is like D.C. in other ways that make it a total waste but i'm not going to go into them.

the cherry on the cake was seeing that the morons in the city actually reelected that scumbag Nagin.

let me make this clear...... from here on out, whatever that town gets, it DESERVES. when you let the race card trump common sense, you're ASKING to get screwed. so when another hurricane comes and finishes the job, i'm going to laugh long and loud.


Josh said...

It wasn't all bad you got to see me get smashed and i hear that is always a good time.

Anonymous said...


I agree, race should never take presidence over what is logically nessasary. Re-electing Nagin is asking for trouble. I guess they didn't get enough of his stupidity the 1st time.