Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Just downloaded the theatrical trailer for Superman Returns. It'll be in theaters with Mission Impossible 3 this weekend. by the way, i don't care how batshit crazy Cruise is, i'm going to go see his movie. i love his movies. he can be as coo coo as he likes as long as he makes entertaining pictures and isn't telling me how to vote i'm cool.

anyway, the trailer. awesome. Kevin Spacey is going to own the Lex Luthor role from now on, i can tell. Bye bye Gene Hackman.

I don't know how to feel about this movie. i instinctively hate comic book and video game movies. it's just because i know that Hollywood doesn't respect either medium to treat it seriously. they hire douchbags like that asswipe Uwe Boll to make the movies not caring if they get treated seriously or not. Look at the first 4 Batman movies. you have to know jack shit about the comic to actually think any of those movies were remotely good. Batman Begins is the only reason i have the slightest hope for the new Superman Movie.

anyways, judge for yourself on the trailer.

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