Sunday, May 07, 2006

Simpsons and stuff

I love the simpsons. it's a top 5 on the list of greatest TV shows ever. but...... i've actually found sometihng that i've officially gotten tired of. to the point of if i see it in another episode i'm not watching it.

the break-up make-up plots between Homer and Marge.

i'm sorry but they just aren't funny anymore. it's crappy writing, lazy, sappy, and just really really not entertaining. come to think of it, none of them ever really were. Homer and Marge's relationship issues have actually always been the weakest part of the show. sure they make for some great moments but it's a lot of unfunny to have to sit thru to get some funny. i dunno. am i alone here in thinking this?

anyways, something else in the entertainment department. star wars. lucas just announced he'll be releasing the original trilogy on DVD unedited. so now han can shoot first. the funny part is, the SECOND i read this i told myself "i'll bet anything people will STILL bitch about it." leave it the jackasses at IGN, aintitcoolnews, PvP, and Comingsoon to prove me right. all of them were like "wow exciting, but i still feel like Lucas is stealing my money, etc...." see, this is the reason i'm not really DEEP into geek culture. i'm geek enough to be a hard gamer, and hold my own on a forum, but by no means do i consider myself a "geek" anymore. i refuse to be in the same boat with these morons who sit around bashing any form of authority, complain to high hell about game/movie prices while continuing to spend money on them. then they sit and wonder why nobody respects gamers and sci-fi geeks.

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