Tuesday, May 02, 2006

F Vick

this is as bullshit as it gets. Marcus Vick will get a tryout at the Miami Dolphins mini-camp.

Nice. That really sends a great message. It's cool to liquor up teenage girls and wave guns in people's faces as long as you have some athletic ability.

This stupid country.


Cynthia said...

I saw that. UNBELIEVABLE! It's like that episode back in the 1990's when a FSU football player was arrested at Dillards for shoplifting $5,000 worth of Ralph Lauren clothes and got caught.

Bobby Bowden SHOULD have suspended him from playing the rest of the season. But the big game between UF was coming up...with the possiblity of BCS series.

Bobby let him play. ALL the FSU alumni and season tickets holders ( keep in mind GENERATIONS of season ticket holders) were absolutely appalled. What kind of message does that teach our kids 'they said'? That's it's okay to commit a crime as long as you have athletic talent?

Keep in mind these alumni groom thier kids from Birth to be Die hard FSU.

Lisa said...

I see these stories and my first thought is that we brought it on ourselves. We're a "kinder, gentler" nation who accepts everyone regardless of their flaws. So what if Marcus Vick commits a crime, he'll apologize, talk about how badly he feels, maybe shed a tear, and somehow he will become a victim. I'm sure none of this is his fault....

Instead of standing up for right and wrong, we've turned into a bunch of politically correct weenies who still believe that "it takes a village to raise a kid." Hogwash. Most of the time, it simply takes a parent who can instill good values (and a good swift kick in the rear).