Wednesday, April 05, 2006

told you so

what did i tell you?

i TOLD you a few posts back that MLB was only going to give Jessie Jackson ammo by going after Bonds. he took the bait and yesterday's syringe incident was the flame to ignite the gunpowder.

"For some people, it's about suspicion of drug use because they have no proof. For others, it's a cover for other anger that they have," Jackson said. "For example, the closer Hank Aaron got to Babe Ruth's record, the more violence and hate mail he received."

oh and don't even get me started on THIS gem of a quote.

"There is no indication that he was hit," San Diego Police Department spokesman Dave Cohen said, adding that no arrests were made and police are not investigating. The person who allegedly threw the syringe was gone when police arrived, Cohen said.

Jackson disagreed with the decision not to investigate.

"That's unacceptable," he said. "He deserves another level of security."

excuse me? did you just say UNACCEPTABLE? as if to imply MLB and the San Diego Police have to run all their security decisions by you for YOUR approval?

if there was any justice in this life, we would get at least one CEO or Commisioner or person-in-charge who would stop entertaining this cocksmoker's attempts to bully white people into submission and just flat out say "fuck you Jessie Jackson. we don't care what you think. you're going to call racism no matter what the facts are so just go find some other place to extort money and get your name in the news." is it too much to ask for one guy in a suit to grow some balls? i guess so.

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