Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Super photo finish

Yeah, and mom and dad thought I played a lot of Nintendo growing up. This is a race between two guys to see who can beat Super Mario Bros the fastest. I’m not sure what’s more impressive.


1 – the fact they beat it in like 6 minutes.


2 – they finish within milliseconds of each other.

You be the judge.


Shea said...

I love that game! HEHEHE!!! That was crazy, i don't think i've ever raced anyone!!

DaleJarrett4Ever said...


I have a hard enough time just entering the time on my Xbox..LOL

That was pretty cool. Thanks for sharing...Just like the finish betweeen Ricky Craven and Kurt Busch

Kristen said...

too funny! That would be the only game I can play... oh that and Frogger and Pitfall.. OK now I feel old..... LOL :)