Sunday, March 12, 2006

Night Watch

Josh and i went to go see Night Watch yesterday. good movie. it's in Russian so there's some subtitles but it's cool. I really enjoyed this movie because it's so anti-hollywood (i think the russians can teach us something about filmmaking). In fact the ending is WHY i liked it so much. none of this hollywood "everyone is happy" bullshit. in this movie, people are flawed and they don't sugarcoat it. it's also where i got the latest quote for my email autosignature.

"It's easier for a man to destroy the light within himself than to fight the darkness around him"

that's so true, if it weren't there'd be no such thing as drug addicts or alcoholics or anything like that. The stresses and pressures and problems of life are all around us and in the end it's a lot easier to just escape into something so we don't have to fight it.

anyway, this movie isn't for everyone but i liked it.

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