Thursday, March 23, 2006


Messege to all Spurs fans who went after Sports Guy...... thanks a lot you retards. now everyone who reads his column thinks we're all uneducated morons here in San Antonio. As indicated from this chat trascript.

Enrique, SA, TX: Bill, what were you thinking when you wrote that Spurs coach Greg Poppovich was going to retire after this season? Do you know how much money he would be walking away from if he did?

Bill Simmons: (1:30 PM ET ) I didn't, actually. The funny part was all the angry e-mails from the San Antonio area -- is San Antonio a third world country or something and nobody told me? I haven't seen that many misspellings and crazed threats in the history of my column ... if there was a way to send e-mails in capital letters and crayons, that would have been the typical response from a Spurs fan. Do they have school systems there or is it simply home schooling and that's it?

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Sara said...

Just tell people you're not FROM there, you're just hanging out for awhile. That line got me through a lot of years living in Armpit, N.C.