Friday, March 31, 2006

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been a while since i'm posted anything. so i'll just throw random thoughts up.

- what the hell is going on with sports now? is there some kind of secret contest going on among the heads of the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NASCAR on who can be the biggest douchebag?? NASCAR fining Gordon, NFL now banning TD celebrations, NBA to get rid of players wearing tights, and this MLB steroid bullshit...... seriously, what the fuck is going on?

- first the NASCAR fine thing. i guess Helton and France won't be happy till they've stomped every last ounce of emotion out of the sport. next comes the banning of burnouts and spraying beer/gatorade in victory lane. win the race, thank the sponsors, and go home from now on. i honestly think the drivers should all get together and one weekend they should ALL just act like robots in EVERY interview. (kenseth can coach them) they can just give simple and short answers and show NO emotion at all. then at the end of it Jr or Gordon can tell everyone, "see folks, this is where the sport is heading. we decided to give you a sneak preview. if you didn't like it i suggest you take it up with Helton and France."

- next the NFL. limiting TD celebrations??? great, now the NFL is starting to take itself too seriously. let's get something straight guys, you are ENTERTAINMENT, that is what you are first. yeah yeah, role models, whatever. you're running an entertainment organization just accept it and stop trying to get rid of the entertainment we get from TD celebrations.

- NBA is going to get rid of tights. one question. WHY!?!? who fucking cares? is this a fashion thing? are you guys still trying to convince us you're some kind of "classy" league? i would think you'd jump at the chance to market yet MORE clothes to the public.

- so now the steroid scandal has reached a head. the investigations begin. at this point it is officially "too much, too late". you might have had a chance in hell of convincing me or any other person that you HONESTLY care about steroid abuse if you had started this back when McGuire and Sosa were tearing it up. why didn't you? oh yeah that's right, you saw that people were starting to watch again and you didn't want to derail the gravy train. duh stupid me. oh and thanks for giving Jessie Jackson some ammo to fire by going after Bonds. countdown to "oh so we just want to protect a WHITE man's record from being broken by a BLACK man".... 5...4...3...

- i don't know why, but i always feel guilty when i walk out of a barber shop and put my hat back on. yeah i know i walked in with a hat, i always wear a hat, so there's no reason i should feel bad. for some resaon i always do though. i kinda feel like i'm flipping off the barber.

- Blazing Angels on Xbox360..... sweet game.

- one of my teachers at school actually thinks it isn't a stretch to compare the current administration's actions to Nazi Germany. he threw Guantanamo out as if it was proof. yeah, cuz we're just rounding up everyone with arabic sounding names off the streets of the US and throwing them in; women, children, everyone. oh no wait WE AREN'T. we're rounding up MEN who are in AFGHANISTAN and IRAQ and are busy FIGHTING US. gee how could i not see the comparison? tell you what, if you can go convince someone who lived in Germany during WW2 that it's the same then i'll buy your story. until then, you're making light of the horrors of what happened back then and showing what an incredible JACKASS you are. we've made it abundantly clear to him to steer clear of politics in future discussions. guess he's used to teaching teenage robots who believe everything MTV tells them.

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janet said...

right on Jimmy, Nascar is getting crazy, and football? come on, the td celebrations are what make it fun and competitive as far as I'm concerned. It is always fun to see what the other team will do when they score, of course I'm a chic so I would say that. And as for baseball, who gives a shit anymore, it has been going on so long and everyone has known it, and now they are going to get all high and mighty? I could care less about basketball, but sports in general are just getting fucking crazy. Love your posts, keep up the good work!!